Getting Started

Below are the general process guidelines for integrating with AppleCare Connect web services. In addition, to fully understand the integration process, you should also go through the FAQs section in entirety.

Resource Mobilization and Coordination

In order to leverage any new or existing AppleCare Connect Web service APIs enhancements, you may need to mobilize development and testing resources applicable to your environment. Please coordinate with Apple business counter parts or via the Support navigation tab to seek any clarifications. Ideally this needs to be done well in advance to allow for sufficient time frame for development, testing, training and any communications.

Development Environment Set Up

You should ensure that your development system environment and any data set up needed is planned.

Study the API Spec

The API Spec provides following details on a particular API:

  • Description of API
  • Context in which API is used
  • Request and Response data elements and their types
  • Sample request and response json's

Develop and Test

Your custom development should be complete by the time testing starts. For any support please coordinate with Apple business counter parts.